Increase Brain Power With Wisepowder Anandamide(AEA)

The brain needs different enzymes and the lack of any one of these may lead to the inefficient functioning of the brain. Anandamide is one of those which is synthesized so that the brain does not lose its thinking power. It helps the human in memory retention and recollection of events. It makes learning a very efficient process. When one experiences a decrease in retention and problems with a memory, one may require a supplement wisepowderAnandamide (AEA) that will help regain the necessary enzyme.

Why does one need Anandamide?

  • For memory: One needs to be able to piece information together to be able to learn new things and retain them in their memory. Anandamide helps the individual create a link between all the different areas of information as it helps in short term linking of nerve cells. One can create a good memory out of this process. When the enzyme decreases, one may experience a decrease in the ability to remember details and this will result in the impairment of the individual. One may not be able to recount important events or small events such as the place they kept their keys which is troublesome. One needs to be able to remember and recollect details to do their jobs properly making Anandamide very important.
  • Neurogenesis: An important use of wisepowderAnandamide (AEA) is the neurogenesis property. With old age, people tend to forget details and become prone to neurodegenerative illnesses such as dementia. This illness will lead to one forgetting small things to losing their memories completely. One can prevent this with the use of this supplement like wisepowder Lithium Orotate as it helps the brain in creating new cells. When one is young, the brain is vibrant and will rapidly create cells, but it becomes less frequent for the brain to create new nerve cells as one becomes older. When there are fewer nerve cells, one may fall behind in terms of memory.
  • Deals with depression: Anandamide helps in the enhancement of the individual. It keeps the brain free from mental illness such as depression and anxiety. The word ‘Anandamide’ has been derived from the word ‘Ananda’ which originates from the Sanskrit language which means joy or delight. One can understand from this interpretation is that it provides the brain with the avenue to create good thoughts. The encounter with depression is not only a feeling that will die but it is a medical illness that needs to be treated. A lack of Anandamide may result in such illness. The use of this Anandamide uplifts the mood of the individual and they can live better.

One can experience a better memory with the use of wisepowderAnandamide (AEA). Memory is very important in the life of an individual as it helps one glide through life more comfortably as it keeps one on their toes. It helps keep their brains fresh.