17 FUN Things to do in Hongdae

Take a rollercoaster ride, raid a building and find the criminals, fight off zombies, or walk on the top of a skyscraper. Both playing and watching is super fun… you’ll see. Be immersed in their experiential shop and maybe buy your own pair of Gentle Monster sunglasses. Whether you just want to pet something cute and cuddly or find one of the weirdest cafes in Seoul, these are the animal cafes in Hongdae that usually top everyone’s list. Just an FYI, from ____ cafes won’t be able to have exotic animals anymore so you’ll have to visit before these close. If you want to go clubbing in Hongdae, there are some great places to go.

Being more inclined to pub-crawling than bootie-shaking, I enlist two guides to check out 홍대가라오케 Sam and Brian, both expatriate English instructors, are self-professed experts on Seoul nightlife. In Seoul, it’s all about dressing to impress… though not quite to stand out. The herd mentality is rooted deep in the culture here, and K-style is no exception. Korean idols dictate the trends; once a celebrity wears something, it’s minted a must-have and the masses rush to copy it. You might notice that everyone around you is wearing slightly different versions of the same styles.

Product Design – Sangsangmadang Up-and-coming designers are featured at Sangsang Madang, a product design shop with unique wares that make perfect souvenirs. Edae Shopping Street Edae Shopping street, home to Ehwa Women’s University, has anything a young college girl would want at bargain prices. Itaewon – Hamilton Shirts Itaewon is known for its cheap custom suits, the most famous of all is Hamilton Shirts, which sell custom-fitted suits and shirts.

Since then the street has blossomed into one of Korea’s largest antiques markets. Peruse through the nearly 100 shops selling quirky tchotchkes, genteel china, and Queen Anne-style furnishings, or return on the weekend for the laid-back Weekend Flea Market. Another, similar, place to check out is the Seoul Folk Flea Market, which also sells interesting crafts, foods, and regional items from around the peninsula. If you want to meet local hipsters in Seoul, this is the place for you. Especially if you go to Hongdae Station and Itaewon Station on a Friday or Saturday night, you will be surprised at how crowded and bright with lots of young people. With so many clubs, bars and pubs, many foreigners come here to enjoy the young culture of Korea.

The DJ at Myungwolgwan is positioned inconspicuously in the corner, but he is producing the best beats I’ve heard all night. He has a magical ability to make a straight beat sound circular as he layers a disco bass line under an ‘80s keyboard track and a repeating hard-core rap lyric. We know that many of you worry about the environmental impact of travel and are looking for ways of expanding horizons in ways that do minimal harm – and may even bring benefits. We are committed to go as far as possible in curating our trips with care for the planet.

You simply can’t visit Romania’s capital, Bucharest, without spending some time in the beautiful old town there. Make sure to check out more of my posts about Soul. Definitely consider taking a trip to the border of North and South Korea! Read all you need to know about it in my post about DMZ.

“Cheongdam Dong Brunch” serves almost as a proper noun now in Seoul. The area offers a variety of Western brunch dishes including eggs Benedict, pasta and pancakes. On a chill weekend, you might even spot a celebrity or two while dining at these Cheongdam Dong brunch cafes.

This is basically Koreans with talent and/or a dream of becoming famous and discovered. Busting in Hongdae has become so popular that people show up early to secure a spot for the night. If you’re wondering what to do in Hongdae, you have plenty of options.